Sunday, November 10, 2013

This crazy thing we call Sunday...

Holy COW!!!! I feel like I need a day in between Sunday and Monday!!!! The weekend always feels like it just FLIES by so quickly and I don't feel like I get anything accomplished until Sunday afternoon/early evening when Jackson is taking a nap... However today he decided that his nap was going to be TWO hours after I laid him down... up, down, cry, up, down, cry, I have to go potty, down, cry, I have to go poop, down, up, cry... pat me, lay with me... GGGEEEZZZEEERRRSSSSSS Child just go to sleep!!!! Anyway... once he actually did go to sleep I was able to get a lot of things completed!!! I went on a Pinterest/TPT spree!!! I have been struggling with what to do with my students when I pull them for small group, some are higher then others and not all will benefit from the lower level activities that I have planned, or sometimes they are not as high as I thought they were and have to modify on the fly... Which is fine (since I am the Sped teacher), but with that being said I really wanted to do more of a Daily 5 rotation in my small groups when they worked with me. Since I pull three days for Reading/Language arts and twice for Math I needed ideas for both subjects. So of course where do you turn when you need ideas? Pinterest of course!!!! SO I thought I'd share with you some of the wonderful things that I found and where to get them! Now since I have moved we don't have our color printer anymore and the school that I work at doesn't have a printer for me so I have to figure out when and where I am going to print all of these wonderful items!!!

I have been looking for task cards for a long time and I hit the MOTHER LOAD today!!! Teaching with a Mountain View seems to be the Task card Queen!!! The next large pack came from her as well!!! I am very excited about this pack, it has different skills and different levels that the students can be working on! I also LOVE the post about how she organizes them in her classroom, my next project probably over Thanksgiving break! I love how I can work with a few students at a time and send them to do some task cards and I know they are still applying the skills that they worked on with me!

Huge reading bundle these task cards cover all the skills you see in the picture. I am super excited to use these with my students. Since I work with 4 different grade levels this pack will allow me to use the cards with all the different grade levels and still be working on the same skill!!! Did I mention I am in LOVE with task cards!!!! I think they are my newest obsession!!!!!

And last but not least!!!! Interactive Sight words!! I am so excited for this with my students who are struggling with their basic sight words! I love that this pack has several different activities to do with each word and they are gluing and practicing in their notebooks!! I have two students that I work with in the morning for specialized instruction and one of them would greatly benefit from this simple vocabulary and repetitive activities!

Well I hope that your Sunday is going well and that you got everything you needed to get ready for Monday morning ready!!! I feel a little bit more prepared!! Now just to figure out how to print all of these things!!!! Luckily I have the lamination machine so that isn't the issue, it's just getting them printed on cardstock and in color!!!!

Wish me luck!!!

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