Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year, New Me, New Goals!!

This is the year of ME!!! I only have three resolutions this year.

1: Spend more time focusing on ME!! This means finding time to work on ME!!! I want to be able to do things for myself, I have spent the last three almost 4 years focusing only on my son and letting my husband do whatever he wants with his hobby of roping. Not that I am complaining about either of those things however where do I fit into this with time for MOMMY!!! So I am going to be scheduling out my day  like crazy!!! I am going to make time to workout, read, knit, just sit and do NOTHING!!! Between having over 20 kids on my case load at work and being new to my district the first semester was CRAZZZYYYY to say the least!!! I am so thankful that we hired a 2nd inclusion teacher to help me out with my case load!!! She will be taking the 9 5th graders that I had and I will work with 1-4th and the other 13 students!!! Such a nice break!!! However I will still have the same amount of work if not more to train the new person and get her to where our principal is comfortable with me letting her take the reins of her students. (That probably sounds really mean or weird but our Principal is very nice she just likes how I have things going and is nervous about me stepping back from 5th grade). So with that being said it should free up a little bit of my time since I am down 9 kidos, I am hoping that I can find some time to workout either at school or be able to leave earlier to get home and workout! I have a lot to look forward to this year, first thing is in February, I am doing our annual Tower Climb where I will have to run up about 900 stairs, then in May I am doing the relay marathon Beach2Bay, then the next BIG thing I am doing is my major goal of running the Rock N' Roll 1/2 marathon!!! Those are the only ones that I know are 100% right now, I'm sure I will do some 5K's along the way and a few other things but those are my goals and what I am working towards! So I need to get started NOW!!!

2: Spend more time with my FAMILY!!! Like I said earlier my husband is a Team Roper and does go to ropings on the weekends. We have a nice horse trailer with living quarters, and I think the last time we used it was when we stayed at his dad's house on Easter last year!!! Our son is almost 4 and LOVES horses and loves watching his daddy rope, I want to start going to more ropings as a family, spending quality time with my husband and son! I feel like when J gets a little bit older we will be spending a lot more time at the ropings!!

3: Spend more time with FRIENDS!!!! I have decided that I don't have many friends because I don't make time for them. I get invited to do things but never go. That is going to change, I have started a monthly Girls Night/Day Out FB page for some of my friends, I figured we are ALL super busy with most of us being married and/or with families or some are planning their weddings and some are pregnant, we can make time one day/night a month to take a break out of our busy lives to spend it just with the GIRLS!!! This also goes into the category of resolution #1 of spending more time on ME! I need to make time for my friends!

These are the only 3 things that I am going to focus on this year! They are jammed packed with things that I want to do so that is why I only have 3!! Hope your 2014 is going great!!!

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