Saturday, November 2, 2013

November Currently... My poor blog!!

Its that time again... and for me its been a LONG LONG time since I have been on my blog!!! Wow I feel so sad for those of you that follow my blog... Not that you have missed me all that much!!! However I am back for now!!! It has been a rough few months with a new school, new teaching position and then moving into our new apartment!!! Seriously are we CRAZY?!?!?! So here is my currently, link up with Farley and check out all the other loverly teachers out there and see what their Novembers look like! 

Listening: Magic School Bus!!! Yep that's right! Be jealous!!! Amazon had an amazing deal about a month ago for the entire 52 episodes for about $20!!! So I was pleased beyond compare when my 3 1/2 year old wanted to start watching them and loves them!!! Not only is he learning from them but to him they seem like funny cartoons that he likes to watch. I had originally bought them to use in class, but double duty!!!

Loving: We moved in about two months ago now and are finally getting settled into it and have made it our home. It was a rushed decision but it was what we needed to do for our little family! We are working hard to make the transition as easy and fun for our 3 year old.. He loves it that he has "two" houses! I am also a Thirty-One consultant and am loving the new opportunities that I am being presented with! At the end of last school year I wasn't sure when I resigned with a month left of school if I was going to get picked up by anyone during the summer... I had looked for almost two years before I was hired by my old district... Then things just didn't work out and they didn't feel right so I resigned... Well like I said I wasn't sure if I would find a job so I needed to make sure that I had SOME money coming in so I signed up to be a Thirty-One consultant and have been doing well... I am not as hard core since school started but I now use it for extra spending money... I love how the company is faith based and you can go at your own pace and make as little or as much money as you need! So one thing on my list is to mail out mini catalogs this weekend/early next week!

Thinking: Well this past week was not a good week for me... it was a rough week at school and I have a lot of things to prepare for other teachers... I am the only Special Education teacher on my campus and I currently service 20 students from 2nd - 5th grade... My schedule has changed 100 times and is something that I will be working on when I finish this!!! I keep getting new transfer students and newly qualified students and of course some of the teachers don't want to deal with my students so they are saying that they need more help differentiating for their students... That my students are taking up too much of their time that they can't focus on the students that they know have a chance of passing the STAAR! Really teachers!!!!! This just makes me angry, I understand that its a lot of work when you have other students but I'm doing more than the previous person did and I gave you all sorts of ideas and have told you that if you need help come to me and I will help you... but don't tell me that I'm not helping you enough when every time I ask if you need help or want me to pull your students for extra support when I have a free second and you tell me NO! Ok Rant Over!!!

Wanting: Yes I need a Printer!!!! Not only do I not have a Special Ed printer at school I also don't have any type of printer at home!!! No bueno!!!! So if you have any suggestions for a nice color printer that doesn't cost an arm and a leg or take up a lot of space I would appreciate the input!
Needing: I was doing really good at the end of last school year with working out... I went down an entire pant size!!! I put it all back on from the summer and the beginning of the school year!!! With my crazy new schedule and having to drive 45 minutes to my school and then back home... Its just been one thing after another and I need to stop making excuses for not working out!!! So NO MORE!!!! I will start working out and get back into a better shape and back to skinny!!!! That is my goal to end the year at least two sizes smaller than I am right now!!! Not impossible at all!!!

Yummy Pin: Caramel appletini cupcake

Caramel Appletini cupcakes.

Thanks for stopping by... My goal is to post at least once a week... Accountability partner where are you!?!?!?


  1. Welcome back to blogging! I took a break recently too! I have a colored printer and love it...definitely makes life so much easier. Hope you can get one soon!


  2. I just came back to my blog as well! I resigned and moved and had alot of changing to adjust to...our stories sound somewhat similar! I love any kind of cupcake and those look delish!

    Keep Calm and Apple On

  3. Awesome magic School bus deal! I'm jealous. My class loves them & so do I {except for the part where they make me feel old because my poppets have never heard of them}. Good luck with blogging more- sometimes it's hard to add another thing to the list.

  4. that is a good goal, you can do it.

    Gotta check out that recipe. wow! looks yummy!!!

    Welcome back!
    Hodges Herald

  5. Welcome back to blogging! It definitely sounds like a crazy few months for you. Good luck with your 31 business. I love their bags and I am sure it will do great! I also need to start working out again and hopefully the weather will cooperate!
    Fun in ECSE