Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Currently (Late of course)

Well of course I'm late to the party again!!! I have been so busy with our common assessments being this week, my son's 3rd birthday being yesterday... and of course all of the classwork that I am expected to be teaching along the way!

Listening: My son is watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates on my phone while I am working on lesson plans and grading papers... Clearly I am also blogging along the way! LOL!! I have to say that he is obsessed with Jake and the Neverland Pirates, he watches them all the time on my phone. Thank goodness for modern technology that I can have the Disney Jr. app on my phone & Netflix on my phone for a movie on the go with no need for anything! 

Loving: We celebrated my son's 3rd birthday yesterday by taking him to this cool Inflatable World inside one of our old malls here. He LOVED it!!! My husband, his mom, my parents, and one of his Aunts and cousins joined us for a fun few hours filled with bouncy castle fun! He had a BLAST!!!! I will definitely be taking him back there during the summer if it is going to be 100+ degrees again this summer! However I can't believe that my baby is THREE already!!! I seriously feel like just yesterday I was in the hospital delivering him into this world! Now he is growing up and it's crazy!!! 
 I am also LOVING that we have Friday off!! Not sure why our district decided that we would take the Friday off before Spring Break but hey who am I to complain! It's a free day off to get stuff ready for his birthday party on Saturday! Now lets just hope that the weather is nice and doesn't rain like they think it is going to!

Thinking: My ADD brain is on overload right now! I have SOOOOOO much work that I don't know where to start and then when I do start something my mind wanders off and I am doing something for a good 20-30 minutes before I even realize that I just left the mess behind me! I'm not sure if my ADD is getting worse because of the stress or if it's just because I am getting older and have more things on my mind! I was seriously super stressed about 3 weeks ago I couldn't even form proper sentences when I was trying to talk to anyone! Seriously I called a meeting a wedding, the color grey green, would loose my train of thought mid sentence... I thought I was pregnant because thats what happened when I was pregnant, I would literally forget what I was talking about mid-sentence... Not joking!! FYI I am NOT pregnant, just VERY stressed!!!

Wanting: I am ready to have already lost all this extra weight!!! When I was pregnant I ended up gaining over 50 lbs with my son... I have lost about 15-20 of them and am ready for the other 30 to be gone!!! My husband and I have a deal going on that if I can loose 30 lbs by Christmas I get something that I have been wanting for a LONG time!!! (not going to put it on here because it is a very shallow and vain thing but I have wanted them since I was about 12)
Also when I was driving to work last Wednesday I had a deer jump into my truck... Seriously! He tried to JUMP over my truck and ended up smashing himself into the drivers side of my truck! So now my bed has to be replaced, my passenger door has to be fixed AND my bumper has to be fixed!!! DAMN DEER!!!! All I have to say is I'm glad that he died after he Kamakazied my new truck!!!

Needing: One more day!!! That's all I have to make it through!!! Whatever was blown in with these crazy South Texas winds has made me congested and cough like I am dying!!! I feel like death warmed over!!! BLAH!!! I am allergic to anything air-born, so anything that gets blown in I end up not being able to breath!! GRRRR!!!

Like, Love, Hate:
Like:  Bootcamp: It is a LOT like Crossfit if any of you have heard of that! I am addicted to going! There are several teachers at my school who are workout-a-holics. LOL The nice thing is that Bootcamp comes to our campus twice a week! So I have no excuse why I can't remember to bring my clothes and go work out some of my stresses! Seriously that is what I was looking forward to all day today! I was so stressed out about my CA data that I couldn't wait for 3:30 to come around so that I could work out my anger and stress! I can tell you right now I am going to be SOAR tomorrow!!! I can already feel it!!
Love: OKLAHOMA!!! That's where I'm going for Spring Break!!! I can't wait to see my Mamma and family! Yes that is where we are from, (well not really but I don't say that I'm from Texas either) my mom is from OK. I am really just looking forward to not having doing anything for an entire week! I really wish that we ended up staying up there after school! There are so many things that I would have changed about that part of my past, not much but moving back to Texas and leaving behind several different opportunities is a big mistake looking back... Oh well what can you do about it!!!
Hate: Being the "mean" teacher... I had a student tell me that they were afraid of me today!! REALLY!!! This student is pushing all of my buttons and gets angry whenever I make them do their work correctly and stop them from goofing off or disrupting those others around him! So I called him out into the hallway to have a "chat" and he starts to cry because I am making him do his work and he starts to back away from me and when I ask him why he's doing that he said it was because he was "afraid of me"! So at that point I said I'm done talking with you, if you think I'm being mean or going to hurt you in some way then I need to step away from the situation and not engage any more! So I made him come back into class and if he choose not to do his work I wasn't going to say anything to him. What did he do?!?!? Oh you know sit at his desk and SOB until lunch (20 minutes later)! 

Let me just say that after all the stress that I have been under (I'm sure many of y'all can relate) I was thankful that I was able to take out my frustrations during my WOD (workout of the day)! Now every inch of my body is soar!! 

Well that's all I have to post for now! I am hoping to post a few different things during Spring Break... Maybe actually create a few products for TPT... Still haven't made anything since this summer!! YIKES! Again I have NO idea how y'all do it!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. 2nd Grade?! I'm thinking I might want to move to 2nd next year. I'm ready for a change! We have a little bouncy house place, too, and it's great because I take all my boys (6 year old and 2 year old twins) and they are all happy and have a good time. It's well worth the money, but with all my boys, I need a discount card!!!
    Have a great spring break!
    One Berry Blog

  2. I'm so incredibly jealous that you are on Spring Break right now! I teach in PA and we're getting the Friday and Monday off right before and after Easter. That's our spring "break", I actually call it Spring Weekend. Darn built in snow days, that we used for hurricane Sandy....even though most of us never lost power once. Booo! Well enjoy your break in OK and hopefully some of that stress will go away! :)


  3. Your blog is super cute! Glad your spring break starts soon! Although, I am a little jealous ;) Enjoy your break!! :)

    Sailing into Second

  4. LOL, I really feel like the MEAN teacher this year because I have a handful of kiddos who are a HANDFUL (and that's putting in mildly). I have a son who will turn 2 in May, and he's not quite ready for the bouncing yet--everyone told me to get ready for lots of injuries and accidents b/c boys are wild, but mine is CAUTIOUS. Too funny. Anyway, found your blog through the TX blogger page over at Teaching With Moxie--I teach 2nd near Dallas. :) Happy Spring Break!

    Teach On.