Friday, March 15, 2013

Organizing my Chaos!

I can't believe that it's already Friday!!! This week has gone by WAY TOOOO FAST!!!! Last Saturday we celebrated my sons 3rd Birthday! WOW we had so many family members come out to help us celebrate our Big boy! Then on Sunday my parents and I, and of course my son took a road trip up to see my Mom's family up in Oklahoma!! Of course on Spring Break I get sick!! I finally felt better yesterday (Thursday) blah!!! Well today we decided to venture out on a beautiful day, we went and got my Mamma's hair did LOL, then ate a yummy lunch at Jason's Deli, then went to Mardel's! I LOVE THIS STORE!!! My plan was just to look around at all their wonderful things... Well of course I couldn't just do that I HAD to get some things for my classroom.  So here are the pictures from the website of the things that I bought today! I will have an explanation under each picture why I bought these items. 

My ideas for these are ENDLESS!!! However my plan is to use 5 of them to help me stay organized and on top of everything for the week! My goal is to slowly get better and be more prepared for each day. I would like to use one color for each day and then have corresponding folders inside each magazine holder with each subject and all the things that I would need for that day all ready to go and copied if i needed them, or things already cut out for my students. Yes I know that on Monday we are starting our last 9 weeks of the school year, however my hope is to start using them this year and then begin my year using them for the 13-14 school year... I will already have the system down pat! This idea will work for whatever grade level I am teaching next year! (Someone from our 2nd grade team has to move... we have 5 this year and only enough kids moving up to keep 4). What sort of organization do you use to help you keep on track for the week? I have seen several different blogs that use those sterilite stackable things to keep all their papers in. 

These two books I bought to help my students with their math skills. Our school is really big on using Singapore Math, model drawing, number sense... However even though I have been to several different trainings I am still not 100% on using all of these skills. As part of my evaluation for my PDAS I now have to do daily warm-ups using Singapore concepts for my students. So I bought these two books to help me come up with morning warm-ups to do with my students. My plan is to type up the same word problem multiple times and then print it off and then have my students cut and paste them into their morning work journals. From a quick glance of the books I am going to use these a lot for the rest of the year! I'll let you know how things go!

Good Writing Traits: These cute mini posters are good ways to help my students to remember all the different things that we have been working on! Again I know its the end of the year but it's never to late to start new things! Since we are going to start our narratives on Wednesday I thought it was a good way to remind them about all our writing lessons since they have had a week off to forget everything that I have been working on!

Hope these things have helped you see how I spent my Spring Break!!! Please leave me comments about how you stay organized with all your paper things for the week!


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