Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My long Lost BLOG!!!

Hello my old friend... How have you been??? Holy Moly it's been forever since I've been to blogger let alone posted anything... The beginning of the year is making me go CRA-CRA!!!!! On top of starting off with 27 students in my 2nd grade classroom... Then being told that we would hire a new teacher and that would drop our numbers... She starts and starts FREAKING out about everything which is making me stress out because I'm not as stressed as she is... So what am I NOT doing?!?!?! Then add on top of that that I have to TPRI & DRA ALL 20 of my kids in two weeks but since I'm new to Gen ED my principal wants me to spend two days in my Mentor's room watching her... Which I am glad I did but that meant TWO days of NO testing for me!!!! So then I thought that I was going to have to test the rest of my kids (16 of them) in 5 days... Oh wait here's another student for you Mrs. May!!! So now I'm back up to 21 (which is still better than 27 any day)!!! Well then we find out that we have an extra week so I stop freaking out as much... OH WAIT Open House is Thursday AND Grades are due by Monday!!! We also have to have 6 grades per subject... When was I suppose to be teaching my students when I have to get them all tested?!?!?!! Anyone else feeling like they are chickens with their heads cut off running around?? Each day we meet as a team and talk about what we did or didn't get to that day and what went well and what didn't... Sometimes I feel like I got NOTHING accomplished!!!

Do you ever have that feeling???

I am hoping that tomorrow I can take some pictures of my room all ready for Open House!!!

Well thats about all I have for today!!

Thanks for following me and Let me know if your beginning of the year is as crazy???

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