Saturday, August 25, 2012

Finished Classroom!! Picture Tour

Well school starts on Monday for me!! It has been a long two/three week process of me not getting any full days in my classroom until last week... With going to grad school still and trying to get all that stuff finished as well as working in my room a few days here and there, well I have finally finished everything! On Thursday we had our Meet the Teacher as well as our Parent Orientation! I was able to meet 24 out of my 26 kids, which I thought was a pretty good turn out!! On Friday I was told that another student registered so that put my number up to 27!!! There are four 2nd grade teachers and ALL of us are at 27 kids for the start of the year!!! Hopefully they will ALL show up on the first day of school so that we can hire a 5th teacher and get our numbers back down to a regular size!!!

Well I am going to post the pictures of my finished classroom now!!! FYI This is going to be a very picture heavy post! I will try to not make the pictures huge but big enough for you to see what is in them!!

This is the view when you first walk into my room! All of the supplies are already in their desks with the tissues on top from Meet the Teacher on Thursday! All 27 Desks and in the back corner is my "desk" and guided reading area

My classroom job chart!

Computer table, word wall, and backpack hooks! (not enough only 22 hooks for 27 kiddos)

My behavior chart (available for purchase in my TPT and TN store)

My handsome son blocking my lunchbox holder!

My objectives that will be posted on my bulletin board (Pinterest)

My important times clocks!! Again thank you Pinterst!!

Student Cubbies and homework turn in area

The dog ate my homework turn in place

Birthday Balloons (Pinterest)

My daily 5 choice spots... the students will move a magnet to where they are going. 

My area, as well as where my centers are housed!

My guided reading table

My classroom library, reading buddies, and personal space hoops!

This will say Dive into Reading... Just didn't have time. 

Treasure Chest!!! Already loaded and ready to go!

Backpack hooks

View from the back corner of the room

My guided reading area and writing station (still not ready)


  1. Your son is adorable! I love the objectives frame. Here's hoping you get another teacher - 26 or 27 seems like a lot! Thanks for sharing your room.

    Oh, How Pintearesting!

  2. Your classroom is so nice!! I loved looking at all your pictures. Thank you for sharing and I am your newest follower:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  3. Hello I would like to know where you found the plastic hooks for the backpack holder. Any help is appreciated! :) Your classroom was awesome!