Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My LONG LOST BLOG and Currently!

Oh wow I can't tell you the last time that I have written a post to my poor ol' blog! I don't know how you other teachers do it!! Keep up with all the things in your classroom AND blog posting! Not to mention that so many of y'all create different things for sale in your TPT stores! I have so many of them in/on my wish list... I have about 3 that I am going to purchase for Monday when I go back! I am hoping to revamp my Calendar time with my students... Lets just say that what I am doing now is NOTHING!!! I feel so sorry for my poor students, I don't really understand the whole concepts of Calendar time but after our first round of Common Assessments (CAs) I realize that what the one other teacher is doing is really helping her students do better on the tests, SO this Christmas break I have been searching the web on TPT and Pinterest to find different things to help my students. I am also thinking about redoing my Guided Reading stuff! I feel like I am still behind on the understanding of this whole guided reading thing... This is not my first year teaching this is actually my third... however it is only my first year as a 2nd grade teacher, so I am still getting use to these things...

On a different note I am linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade! I love doing the Currently's and then looking around at all the others that people are posting! Since I think the last one I did was like 4 months ago I am falling behind... I promise not to leave my blog this long again!!! I am going to be working on my Time management a lot more this year! I bought the Life Planner from Erin Condren and I haven't really used it to its FULL ability! I am going to really start using it to help me keep up with my school work (2nd grade stuff), class work (master's degree stuff), and blogging world stuff!

I am listening to an episode of 7th Heaven on some channel up in Oklahoma, let me just say that this was probably one of my favorite shows of all time!!! I am not a go to church every Sunday type of girl, however I love the values that are taught in that show! I don't know what it was but there was something about this show that always spoke to me!

Loving: I love that I don't have to start back to school either tomorrow or Thursday, we don't start back until Monday!! That still gives me a few more days to get the last minute things that I want to get done before I welcome back my 21 munchkins! 

Thinking: I have gone on a TPT/Pinterest frenzy!!! I have about 18 thinks on my wish list and three things in my actual cart!!! YIKES!!! Trust me if I ever won the lottery I would probably spend it all on school stuff!!! I do have a question?!?!?! We aren't using the Common Core Standards (or whatever they are called) however so many of the things that I am seeing are based on those standards, I guess Texas (or just my district) are a little behind the curve on this... I was wondering if every state that is using these have the same standards? Are you all teaching the same things at the same time? Thats pretty cool if you are! Just a random question!

Needing: Well of course you know me, I am the biggest procrastinator around, throw that in with my ADD and you have a mix for disaster on me getting much done on time! We have been in Oklahoma for the past week and are going home to see my husband's dad tomorrow for his Christmas, then when we get back to our house going over to his mom's side of the family for our third Christmas!!! YIKES! Oh well, maybe after I post this I will finish packing our bags and toys and stuff! (probably not)

OWL: Hopeful! That is my motto for 2013! My husband and I are looking to finally find the land that we have been looking for, we have been looking for land to build our house on for about 2 years with no luck! Every time we think we find what we are looking for something is either wrong with the land (on a flood plane, to hilly) or there are restrictions on the land not permitting us to build what we want... So my word for 2013 is HOPEFUL! I am putting out good vibes that this will be our year! I will be hopeful that things will work out for me at school, I am hopeful that my grades will stay high for Grad School, and I am hopeful that my family will stay healthy and happy!!! 

So there you go some things that I haven't been saying in a while because my blog has fallen to the back burner. So I am also hopeful that I will be able to keep up with my blog, school work, classwork, and my family!! 

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  1. Hi! I found you through the Currently linky! I wonder too how some of these teachers teach, blog and create!! And still have time for their families...guess I'm just not that organized!
    I also understand about calendar time...mine has been down to nothing and I realize I need to change that!
    I'm now following you too...have a good rest of your break!
    Spotted Around the School