Monday, August 6, 2012

Pictures of my Classroom

I have been super nervous and excited about being able to finally get into my classroom and start decorating... I had no clue what I was going to walk into how big it was, or what furniture was in there... This weekend I also was finally able to spend my birthday money at Lakeshore yesterday!!! I forgot to take pictures of all this stuff that I bought yesterday... I'll take pictures either later today when I go back to my classroom or tomorrow when I go to my room... On a different note I only have two days left of my third Graduate class!!

So now I am going to do a picture post of what my classroom looks like... This is what my room looked like when I walked in for the first time... Now I have all sorts of things scattered all over my room and on tables and in the cubbies and all over the floor... I haven't really started decorating any of it yet... trying to do one thing at a time... finish grad class, then start working in my room full time!!! HAHA Ok so here goes the pictures of my room.
This is the view that I first had when I unlocked my room for the first time... All the desks in the middle of the room and all the chairs were stacked in the back corner. 

This is the back corner looking across the class... 

This is looking at my storage space in my room!! Now all the books that are on top of the counter are placed nicely in the student cubbies (pictured below) also in their cubbies are their personal storage units where they will keep their sight words and punch cards so that they are responsible for all of their belongings and I don't have to keep up with them all. 

These are the student cubbies where I already have put all their books in (well their math and writing) I am making their fish labels that will velcro to the front with their numbers or names... I don't know what I am going to have exactly.

This is also in the back corner where the computers are going to go as well as my reading bookcase. This is a picture of the students backpack rack. I will put laminated fish with their name/numbers on them so they know where their backpack goes everyday. 

This is a picture of my teacher area, this is where I will be working with my guided reading (and guided math) groups this year... I don't have a teacher desk so all of my storage stuff will go in that corner!!!

Well this is the tour of my room for now!!! I also did a Monday Made it but totally forgot to take pictures so if I get a chance I can edit this post and add it to this post later... If not Tomorrow it is!!! 

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  1. Your room is nice and big...and ready for anything! One of my favorite things to see in my classroom is a nice waxed floor along with new supplies I ordered at the end of the school year!
    i am sure you are going to make your room awesome! Slow and steady...
    Teise's Tidbits