Saturday, May 19, 2012

Some Items I'd like to have for my Classroom

So with the thinking that I might be getting a Gen. Ed Classroom for next year I have been searching the web for different things that I would like to have in my classroom! As I posted earlier I know the theme for my classroom will be Sea Life/Ocean Life with fish and all the different animals that go along with that. So I was just thinking that going from my Special Ed classroom to a Gen. Ed classroom will be completely different so that I would need to get a lot of new stuff to accommodate what the needs of my classroom would be (fingers crossed that I get the job). So I thought I would post some pictures (well probably a lot of them) to see what everyone thought (all 7 of you guys... Thanks so much for following me!!!) SO here goes the overload of pictures!!!

I think this would be amazing to have to keep all my different papers!

Since I am having an Ocean Themed room I thought that I would need a cool Treasure Chest for the kids to pick out their prizes from!! 

I really liked this for papers that needed to be filed or handed back... Not really sure... I'll find some reason for it!!

I thought I'd need something for the kids to turn in their papers so I thought that I'd find three different colors or maybe two different colors for the different classes to turn in their papers... Maybe 4 colors... Two for each class and one for each subject that they have with me... If I get the job I would be a 3rd grade teacher who taught Math, Science/Social Studies. 

You can NEVER have enough cute bins... I already have 2 of these in my room now!!!

I was thinking about this color for the other colors for the turn in bins!

I thought I'd never have a wheele cart like the older teachers have... But thinking about it they are saving their backs by not carrying everything with them... Not saying I would get rid of my Teacher bag (which I am in LOVE with) but this would be amazing to keep all my grading or planning items with me and in one area without having to cram them into my bag. 

I would also get this to go around the outside of my cart because like keeping things organized. (is anyone else like me, I am super messy at home but my classroom is spotless? I can't stand to have a messy classroom but it doesn't matter to me what my house looks like?!?!)
I want one of these to keep behind my desk to keep all of my files for the week or upcoming items or things that need to go home right at my fingertips! I have some cute file folders that would look really good with the black holders. 

Thought these were cute to keep everything organized at a glance. 

Just thought that these were really cute and I would find some reason to use them!

I could always use tabs!!!

I thought this was a really cool thing... Its an expandable hanging folder for unit stuff or for tests!! I could find so many different uses for these!

Assessment or paper organizers... maybe for the kids portfolios 

I need one of these to keep all of my different calendar items organized! I got this idea from Erin over here

I thought this would be something nice to keep different assessments that I do from the beginning, middle, and end for the year to track progress... or different CBA's or benchmarks. 

Never know when I might need to make something with different patterns for the little kiddos to do. 

Buckets buckets and more buckets!!!! I have a few of these already so I need to grow my collection!!

OK this is probably the most talked about pencil sharpener I have ever heard of!!! If you have it will you please leave me a comment to let me know how long you have had it and if it really is worth spending money on a fancy pencil sharpener!!  

Also I am waiting for June to come along to order the 2012-2013 Life Planner from Erin Condren and I am also looking forward to finding out if I get the teaching job to order THIS!!!! I am very excited to get my classroom ready... Whichever classroom I am going to have... either at the school I am currently teaching at or at the new school!!!! 

Well thanks for staying with me thru this really long picture post and explanation post!!! Please leave me your comments on what you think I might need to set up my classroom for next year!!! Of if you have any of the products that I listed above let me know if you love it or hate it!!! I hope to hear from you all!!!


  1. I think your blog is ADORABLE!!! Thanks for the follow, I am YOUR NEWEST follower! :)

    Teachers Give a Hoot

  2. I love your treasure box would go great with the Ocean theme.
    I have a rolling cart (I'm not old), and I love it. I can pack all that I want to and from school without worrying about how heavy it is. :)

    Lovely Little Learners

  3. I have that sharpener. Love it! Mine does look a little rough now that I have let my students use it. Going to buy another one just for me :)

    Check out my new blog- I am giving away a $25 gc to Target to celebrate!