Friday, May 18, 2012

One door closes and Two doors open!

So I have been stressing out over the fact that I have no idea what or where I am going to be teaching next year. I have been asking and asking my principal and our AP and our new principal if they had any clue as to what I would be teaching next year. No one has been able to answer that question... They keep telling me to hold on and wait and be patient... Well we now have one more week of school and I finally hear from TWO different schools that want to offer my jobs at their campuses which are a lot closer to my house!! I think that both of them are 3rd grade positions... Today is my first interview at 3:30 and then another one on Monday at 3:30!!!

I am super happy that these opportunities are coming available to me... I had decided that I would keep working at the school I am at now because we were moving out to that area in the next few years... We are actually going to look at land with a house on it sometime next week. So do I take the Gen. Ed position that would let me be closer to my house right now or do I stay at the school I am currently at and possibly be the Behavior teacher (which I do NOT want to be). I am in a little bit of a pickle... I will take what ever is offered to me and will be truly grateful for every opportunity that has been presented to me... And if nothing else I will transfer to the school closer to my house now and then when we are ready to move out to the new house I will transfer back to the school I work at now...

The hardest part about possibly leaving is not being able to work with my best friend!!! Oh decisions decisions decisions!!!!!

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