Saturday, April 27, 2013

My First Five For Friday... (Yes I know its Saturday!!)

I am linking up for the fist time with Doodle Bugs Teaching. Since I wasn't planning on doing this my pictures are a little bit different. I am going to do it my way... Which of course is what I always seem to get into trouble about. :-) Anyway this is going to be a very long post and FULL of pictures!!! So stay with it and don't give up! I hope you enjoy all the Random things that have filled up my week! Now I am looking forward to the last 23 days of school!! Whoo-Hoo!!!!

1:  I went shopping with my mom yesterday for some cute Spring school clothes!! I am happy to say that I now have a full week of brand new clothes to wear!!! We went to Old Navy!! I have to say that is probably one of my favorite stores to buy clothes at!!! I like the way that their clothes fit, how they are comfortable and affordable!!! My plan is to wear many of these clothes all week and really impress all my other teacher friends! Many of the items I bought can be worn together and switched around, I loved the fact that Old Navy has sample ideas on their walls. I seriously just went into Old Navy to buy two or three pairs of jeans and walked out spending almost $300. I had watched a few YouTube vlogs and they were all talking about Coral and Mint/Teal colors that were coming out for Spring... I saw ALL of this stuff and I was hooked!!! I can't wait for Monday ( I can't believe I just wrote that), ONLY because I want to wear my new clothes!!!
1: The boyfriend cardigan in Coral. 2: Mint Green eyelet dress. 3: Tee shirt Maxi dress. 4: Teal cardigan. 5 & 6: Sheer three quarter sleeve in yellow and teal/mint. 7: Maxi dress in Teal. 8: White Jean jacket. 9: Grey cardigan. 10: Coral lace tank top. 
I also got this scarf and another blue butterfly scarf but I couldn't find the picture online. 

2: I found this post earlier at 2nd Grade Shenanigans and I was inspired to purchase it and use it as a great going away present to my students. So I went out to our local Dollar Tree and bought 21 sand buckets so that I can start getting ready for our last week of school to be creating these fun review buckets with my students. I also bought a bottle of bubbles, two pencils, pencil sharpener, and erasers, this way there is no excuse if they need to use any of these items. 

If you would like to purchase this packet click here and check out Hope King's TPT. 

3: Another product that has come in handy during this past week, since there was STAAR testing going on at our school we had to keep our 2nd graders in our classroom ALL day!!! NO BREAK!!! (Well at least not for me, they got to watch a movie, and then play game day)
One day we used Amy Lemons' Area Robots to introduce area... Let me say that they LOVED IT!!! And it made me look really good to my team mates, who haven't always been so sharing of their resources... Amy Lemons blog is attached. Not only is she an awesome teacher her resources are amazing to, here is a link to her TPT store. 

4: I donated $25 for the Teachers in West, Texas who were affected by the fertilizer plant explosion. It was well worth it because I received all of the units in the photo below. I am including all the links to their products in their TPT stores. The fundraiser is closed but I'm sure you can still donate to the cause if you would like. All of these products were worth $150!!! And many of these products were already in my Wish-list, and from some of my favorite bloggers. I wish that I knew some of these people in real life, alas I don't so I just blog stalk them!! I am planning on using a few of these items in my Summer Review bucket from above as well! I have a few students who would benefit from continuation of practicing their skills and a lot of these products will be beneficial for them!

5: I didn't take a picture of this one but we had a Glow Stick Bath at our house tonight! A friend of mine said that she did this with her little girl and I thought what a great way to make bath time fun and change it up a little bit! So while we were at the Dollar Store today we picked up a couple of packages of glow sticks... Let me tell you my 3 year old little boy had a BLAST!!!!! Well worth the $2 I spent on  the two packages. 

I hope that you have enjoyed these Random 5 things from my week!!! I will plan on doing this next week so I'll take pictures along the way!!

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