Friday, April 5, 2013

Currently & My next attempts...

I am linking up with Farley for her Currently... Yes I know it's the 5th of the month... It has been a CRAZZZZZYYYYYY week so far!! I can't believe that it is already April! That means for our school we only have one more month of school... 39 days to be exact!!!

Well here you go... Hope you enjoy!

* Listening: Yes I am still at school on a Friday at 4:30, I need to get everything I can prepped and ready to go for next week so that I can feel some sort of accomplishments... I am also going over to a friends house for dinner tonight with my 3 yr. old son and I don't want to take a lot of work home with me this weekend! 
*Loving: I am seriously happy that I made it to Friday... Not sure what was wrong with me this week but it was an off week and I was about ready to quite multiple times during the days... My kids were off, I was off, it was just an off week! I don't know about y'all but these kids are different than ones that I am use to working with! I know coming from special education the students are different but I mean in general the students are different. My class is just different!
*Thinking: I can't believe that we only have 39 more days left in school! That number is CRAY-CRAY if you ask me!!! I seriously feel like the year just started! I am nevrvous and anxious at the same time... Did I teach them everything that I needed to get in... Did I teach them correctly... Are they going to remember it all in 3rd grade?!?! YIKES!!! 
*Wanting: I don't know about y'all but I wouldn't have any luck if it weren't for bad luck... Seriously I don't think anything "good" has happened to me in... 3 years... When my son was born... Seriously I feel like I am always putting out fires or dealing with the let down of this or that... I just want things to go my way for once... Not asking fro a lot... Just once!!! We put in an offer on the land we want, next day it gets pulled from the market; guy changed his mind... Start working out: Gain weight back! WTH REALLY... REALLY!!!! GRRRRRRR x1000000
*Needing: I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything that I need to get done accomplished... I am actually looking forward to our calendar for next year because twice a month we have early release days for the kids so that we can actually have time to PLAN! We are going to be using those days for PLC's with other campuses and actually having time to work together as a team to prep for our new units! We are also switching around our curriculum from 9 weeks scope and sequence to 6 week grading periods with 3 week units! I am a little nervous but excited at the same time! We have seen the samples and they look GOOD!!!!
*Advice: My favorite Dr. Seuss quote! I think it is very true and we all need to remember it when we are having an off day (or week in my case)!

Now on to my Next attempts: I am going to a start working on a new TPT *thing*. I wouldn't really call it a unit because I am going to make different 2nd Grade High frequency word cards for your word wall. I will be creating them with different themes. I am also going to try to create some content word wall cards using the same themes. I have an Ocean theme in my room so the first attempt will be to use the words with an Ocean theme. I am hoping that these are things that people will find useful for their classrooms. I know that my handwriting is not always stellar so me writing their High Frequency words sometimes makes it harder for them to read... SO I thought why not print them up and cut them out so that I have them for years to come!!! I might then attempt to create 1st grade HF words!
With that being said if you would please let me know what other themes you would be interested in seeing I will work on finding what I need and creating them!

Hopefully I can have them up and running before school is over! However it's not like the words are going to change in the next few weeks so they should be fine to use next year as well... Of course if they change I would update the packet *Packet* that's the word I was looking for... Blah (ADD Brain). 


  1. Michaela,
    Thanks for the follow and welcome to second grade. Bless you for being so organized on a Friday. I usually try to be ready for the upcoming week but with our gorgeous weather, I just didn't have it in me to stay any longer. I'm your latest too and thank you for sharing your currently.

  2. Hi Michaela,
    I hate staying late on Fridays - but sometimes it just must be done. I hope your weekend has been great. I had back next week after having 2 weeks off. The countdown has begun for sure to summer!! :o)
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After