Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh Yes I pinned it Part 2!!

So here is the second part of my Oh Yes I Pinned it post series! I have made my own Daily 5 posters!

I have made each of the five posters to fit my classroom theme of Ocean/Sea Life! I am going to place them for sale in my TPT and TN stores later today! When I tried to upload them earlier TPT was down and I am still having issues with my TN store!! So I will update my post with links so that hopefully if these will help you out!

I have created two different formats for them, one is in FULL COLOR!! Which means LOTS of ink will be used! I have also made a version with just a white background so that if you wanted to print it on color cardstock then you would save some ink! I hope that you go and check out both versions and if they will work in your classroom please pick them up!

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