Friday, July 27, 2012

I need HELP!!!

OK Teachers I need HELP!!! I am looking around at everyones blogs about how they are setting up their classrooms and I am starting to FREAK out about how to organize my library, I have several different types of books ranging from picture books to 4-5th grade leveled books! Is there any specific way that you organize your classroom libraries? Is there an app for that?!?! I am wanting to start working in my classroom a little bit after I get out of class each day, or if I can possibly get there before my class starts then come back!?!? I just don't know, I made a comment last night to my husband while laying in bed thinking about the TWO page TO-DO list that I created for myself that I only had 30 days before school started and I had so much to get done and his comment was is sure must be nice to still have 30 days off and be getting paid!! Really!! I was trying to say I needed to get so much accomplished in those short 30 days... AND I keep adding more and more to my list! I have a few things knocked off but the closer the start of the school year approaches the more scared I am getting!!! Why did I decide to start Grad school THIS summer, I could be working in my room everyday for hours and hours and getting everything that I needed done!! Oh well I didn't I will just have to deal!

SO thanks for reading my ramblings, but seriously can you help me with how to organize my library?!?! Keep in mind I am teaching 2nd grade this year but have all levels of books, is there an app or something that can help me either level my books or organize them?! Thanks so much for your input!!


  1. In the past I have separated my library by genre. I used Beth Newinghams printables from her website. I then went through and put them into the different categories. This year I am changing it .... before school let out I separated them by Lexile Score. This does take some time,however my students will be directed to baskets on their level according to our recent MAPS testing. Try not to freak some each day.
    If it helps, My To Do List keeps growing as well. You are not alone.:)

  2. I level my library books. I use Then I also have some books by subject or Genre. Those books are more for me to use for read alouds and the leveled ones are for the kids. If you visit my blog and click on Leveled Library on the side bar you can read about it and see some freebies I posted for leveled libraries.

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  3. I just blogged about this, check it out:

    Fancy Free in Fourth

  4. Hey Michaela! I usually organize my books in two different ways. I have leveled books that the kids can read independently and I also have baskets with unleveled books. These are usually labeled as Fiction, Nonfiction, Alphabet Books, Curious George, Dr. Seuss, Holiday, etc. So when my students choose books, they are able to get leveled books and free choice books. Also, Scholastic Book Wizard is a great resource when leveling your books. Good luck!

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  5. I have chapter books leveled by Guided Reading A--T (though the higher levels will remained packed away since I'm teaching 1st this year). Each book has a colored dot sticker with the level written on it, so that the books can get back where they belong. All of the picture books are in tubs without levels. I have my nonfiction books by theme.
    Corinna :)
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