Friday, May 25, 2012

Moving Forward

Since I heard from my NEW principal that I am switching schools and becoming a third grade teacher I have had the biggest smile on my face!! My current principal even made a comment yesterday when I was walking around the school, "Wow it's nice to see you smile again", my response, "I know!!! It's exciting that I finally know where and what I'm doing next year"

So in honor of finding out what school I was going to be working at I put my order in for my lesson plan book! I am super excited that I couldn't wait to order it I already had the one I wanted saved in my shopping cart and all I needed to do was go back in and edit my school!!! I was super pumped to order it PLUS if you ordered it before the end of the month you also saved 20%!!! SO I saved money too!!! Now I am just waiting anxiously for it to come in (which will take about 2 weeks or so) Everything is just falling into place for me (finally)!

I have to admit that I thought I'd be a little sadder then I actually am (is sadder even a word???) I know that I am moving on to better things and a whole different world of 3rd Grade!!! I am sad about leaving my family for the past two years at my current school but I am super excited about finally getting to be a Gen. Ed teacher!! My room is almost completly packed up, I just have a few last minute things that I thought I'd need today (which is the last day of school!!!) I think I am also dragging my feet on packing the last few pieces because that means its over! I only have today (Friday) and then Tuesday here then I will be in trainings on Wednesday and at my NEW campus on Thursday!!! I took about 4 boxes home with me yesterday and STILL have 5 here, plus a bookshelf!! I also have a lot of odds and ends that don't really fit into the boxes that I currently have so this weekend or on my way in on Tuesday I will have to stop and buy maybe two boxes (although my AP said that he was getting a flat of boxes from Support Services (our Central Office), but I have yet to see ANY boxes!!!

Here is a look into what my next few days are going to look like!! (if you care)

  • Today (Friday): Finish packing up my room, stick my students on the bus (countdown 3 hours!!) Pot luck lunch with our faculty, also the last time that we will all be together, our Principal is opening up a new school and is taking about 7 of our current staff with her, I am leaving for another campus and so is another teacher so in total about 10 people are leaving from our little family. When I finish up here I am driving to Austin to spend the weekend with my Husband's dad's family for Memorial Day!!
  • Saturday, Sunday & Monday: Spending time with family in Austin, fishing, riding horses for Jackson (he has his own mini horse) Enjoying doing NOTHING for a few days
  • Tuesday: 1/2 day inservice on my Current campus, then I get the afternoon to finish packing up my room and putting everything in my truck. 
  • Wednesday: District Inservice at a High School close to my house!
  • Thursday: Inservice at my NEW campus!! (this will be the first time that I get to meet my team members and other staff members that I will be working with!!! Nervous and excited all at the same time!) 
  • Friday: SUMMER!!!!!! 
  • Saturday: Grad School Orientation!!! 
This is just the first week of my summer break!!! After that I have a few days off then two days of other inservice stuff then I start my first two Grad School Classes!!!! So not only do I have all the work that goes along with starting Grad School BUT I also have to read about 3 books for my Classroom!! Plus get all my lessons together and ready to go for the start of school!!!!

Call me Crazy but I am so excited!!! 

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  1. Thanks so much for the blog award a few weeks ago. I am so embarrassed to just now be commenting you back and following you! Thanks so much for the award and I have loved looking through your blog. I am so glad you know what grade you will be teaching. I still don’t know, so I understand that stressed feeling.

    Yeehaw! Teaching in Texas