Friday, July 6, 2012

July Currently

WOW Its already JULY!!! My birthday has come and gone (July 4th) and I am starting off my 26th year great! I haven't really had a summer break I am in two grad school classes and they are going to finish next wednesday and then I start my third grad class the next day for the last four weeks of my summer vacation!! Then when I finish that class I officially have a three day summer vacation!!! The following Monday we start our Workshops for two weeks before the kids start back with us!! 

Well here is my July currently!! For the Reads I wasn't sure what to put because this will be my first year in a Gen Ed. classroom, I have taught special ed for the past two years and didn't really have a go to read aloud book. The one that I really wanted to list on here I couldn't remember the title and I couldn't find it in my mountain of boxes that are stacked in my library at home! The 2nd book is what I am currently reading right now to get ready for guided reading in my classroom! My principal is very big on the Daily 5, so a fellow teacher let me borrow her two Daily 5 books! I am currently reading the CAFE Menu book and am getting more and more questions as I go along and getting more nervous/excited about using it this coming up year!! Do any of y'all use the Daily 5? What are some suggestions that you have about using it or using the documents?  

Any way link up with Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade!!


  1. I noticed you mentioned learning to use Daily 5/CAFE. I've used it in my class with my 5th graders for the past 2 years. I love it! Are you on Twitter? We had #5thchat just the other night about this very topic. Here is the link to the archives if you want to see what we talked about.

    Scroll down and look on the right side for the Daily 5/CAFE archive. It might help! :)

  2. We just started using Daily 5 this past year, and this year we'll be adding the CAFE, so I ordered the book but haven't started it yet! :/ As for Daily 5, though, I absolutely LOVED it. (I'm 2nd grade, btw.) We just used workstations before, and while there was definitely good learning taking place, Daily 5 is so much more...I dunno. Its expectations for the students are much more clear, the kids are much more focused, etc. At least in my experience. :) Best of luck!

  3. Wow! You have a very busy summer! I'm also rereading the Daily 5 and Cafe books- I've used parts of them in my room other years, with modifications for my special ed. students. Good luck in your new teaching assignment!

    Teaching Special Kids

  4. We are starting our year with First Day Jitters as part of our CAFE lessons. Good luck! I found your blog through the Currently linky and I am giving you The One Lovely Blog Award. Come by and check it out!

    Mrs. Slocum
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