Thursday, May 10, 2012

Coming to a close

We have 12 days left of school!!! Yep you heard me right 12!!!! As our school year winds down you would think that the work load is getting easier. OH no not the case in a Special Ed classroom... We have to make sure all of our data points are in place and make sure that our grades are correct. I have a very special classroom at my school, to say the least, my student is in 5th grade and is about to go off to the big world of Middle school!! I however AM NOT going with her! So that sort of leaves me in the dark about what I am going to be teaching next year. I have an idea that if I stay at the school I am currently working at I will be the Inclusion Support Teacher for K-2! I would really like for that to happen!

On a different note: over the last few weeks we (other teachers and I) have been noticing this really weird bird hanging out at our fence line, inside on our side of the fence. This white bird that just runs up and down the fence line. Hasn't been hit by a bus or any cars yet, just running around the front of our school like our new mascot. The picture above was taken yesterday from my truck when I was leaving school. He was running around in one of our courtyards. People were thinking that he was a Guinea fowl. I use to own a lot of Guinea fowls and I have never seen a white one. Not saying they don't exist because I just googled them and there are a few pictures of White Guinea fowls... What's weird about it though is we have no idea where he came from or why he is staying... No one is feeding him and he runs away when you walk towards him. Who knows!!!

I am hoping that soon I can add some more stuff about my classroom and pictures of some of the activities that I am doing (or did earlier in the year) Not a whole lot of new is going to be happening in the last 12 days of school!!!

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